As "Tamara" in Mirage - (IMDB Page)

Release Date: 2015

Director: Tatiana Zoughaib

Scriptwriter: Tatiana Zoughaib

Language: Arabic

Starring: Natasha Choufani, Mazen Moadam

Plotline:  Omar, Tamara and their young daughter Nay were living as a happy family. But unfortunately Omar was obliged to travel for business purposes for two years, without seeing his wife and his daughter. When he came back everything had changed, and Tamara struggled with her emptiness, torn between responsibility and betrayal.


As "Maude" in A Ticking Heart - (IMDB Page)

Release Date: 2015

Director: Narine Nersessian

Scriptwriter: Narine Nersessian

Language: English

Starring: Natasha Choufani, Verena Hasbani

Plotline: Unable to accept with the loss of her husband, Maude begins a journey into her own denial and believes that stopping time is the only way to remain faithful to her husband. When faced with the inevitable, Maude is left with no choice.



As "June" in Bemo - (IMDB Page)

Release Date: 2015

Director: Lujain Jibouri

Scriptwriter: Lujain Jibouri

Language: English

Starring: Natasha Choufani, Khaled Al Warea

Plotline: In a recent future, a newlywed couple (Adam and June), receive a camera robot (BEMO) as a late wedding gift to capture their precious moments. The robot, which is supposed to capture photos and videos on demand, starts recording their entire life without them knowing. As time passes by the couple realize that they want different things in life. June repeatedly refuses Adam's desire to have a child which causes the couple to slowly drift apart while Bemo helplessly watches.


As "Amanda" in Lost

Release Date: Post production

Director: Sako Yotyeghparian

Scriptwriter: Sako Yotyeghparian

Language: Arabic

Starring: Etienne Atallah, Natasha Choufani

Plotline: A man's life is torn apart when his son dies as a result of drunk-driving.

As "Eva" in Eva; A Story of Life


Release Date: Post-production

Director: Mireille Bou Khalil

Scriptwriter: Mireille Bou Khalil

Language: Arabic

Starring: Natasha Choufani, Janine Bou Khalil

Plotline: Eva is in a constant struggle with herself to be at peace with her past.

As "Maryam" in "Ana Mish Shahid" (Not a Martyr)


Release Date: 2014

Director: Samah El Kadi

Scriptwriter: Samah El Kadi

Language: Arabic 

Starring: Rodrigue Sleiman, Hassan Farhat, Tarek Tamim, Danielle Arden, Nour Hassan, Osama Wehby, Natasha Choufani, Mtl Faez Sultan, Rosy Malaeb, Mark Rafeh

Plotline: A poet is forced to join a militia to protect his family, he embarks on a journey torn between his pacifist ideals and the cruel reality of war.

Character plot line: Maryam is unable to stop her brother from joining the militia.

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