Feature Films

As Layla in "Mafkoud" (Kidnapped)

Release Date: --- 

Director: Bachir Abou Zeid

Scriptwriter: Bachir Abou Zeid

Language: Arabic 

Starring: Ayman Ghali, Natasha Choufani, 

Plotline: -

Character plot line: -

As Maryam in "Ana Mish Shahid" (Not a Martyr)

Release Date: ---

Director: Samah El Kadi

Scriptwriter: Samah El Kadi

Language: Arabic 

Starring: Rodrigue Sleiman, Hassan Farhat, Tarek Tamim, Danielle Arden, Nour Hassan, Osama Wehby, Natasha Choufani, Mtl Faez Sultan, Rosy Malaeb, Mark Rafeh

Plotline: A poet is forced to join a militia to protect his family, he embarks on a journey torn between his pacifist ideals and the cruel reality of war.

Character plot line: Maryam is unable to stop her brother from joining the militia.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/imnotamartyrmovie