"Ma' El Waqt" (With Time) - 2015/2016

Director: Georges Khabbaz

Scriptwriter: Georges Khabbaz

Cast: Georges Khabbaz, Natasha Choufani, Joseph Acaf, Ghasan Attieh, Laura Khabbaz, May Sahhab, Wassim el Tom, Boutros Farrah, Omar Mikati, Joseph Salemeh

Language: Arabic/ French/ English

Plot line: Bakhos (Khabbaz) is a failed screenwriter. When his girlfriend leaves him after he is unable to sell his latest script, he falls into depression and wishes to take his own life. As the characters he had created come to talk some sense into him, his best friend Rouhana (Joseph Acaf) and fiance Nelly (Natasha Choufani) come to cheer him up. Nelly, a french teacher, tries to teach him some french before introducing him to girls. After a series of amusing and awkward situations, Bakhos opens up to Nelly about his childhood and after she leaves, he realizes he has become attached to her. Torn between guilt at betraying his best friend yet finding his love, Bakhos is forced to come to a decision after facing his past.


"Hayda Mish Film Masri" (This is not an Egyptian Film) - 2014

Director: Lina Abyad

Scriptwriter: The cast, under the supervision of Lina Abyad.

Language: Arabic/ English

Plot line: The cast brought together true stories and statements of survivors of domestic violence; women and children who had been emotionally, physically, psychologically and sexually abused. The different monologues were put together in a way to project the similarities and common behaviors that occur in the cycle of an abusive relationship, and its damaging effects.

Character plot line: A true story taken from a survivor of an abusive relationship.

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حلشني من شعري... كبني عالحيط... لبطني... رفع فردو... كانت أول مرة... وكان الحق علي....لما خلص، ركع... فتح الفرد و قلي "حبيبي ليه خايفة؟ ولو يا هبول! أنا بإذيك؟ شوفي حبيبي ما في رصاص" ..و بهالحظة صدقتو... إنو معو حق الزلمة... إنو ظلمتو ... ما في رصاص بالفرد، كان عم يمزح بس 

He pulled me from my hair, threw me against the wall, kicked me and put his gun to my head...

It was my first time... And it was my fault that it happened... When he was finished, he knelt down, opened the gun and said "my love, why are you scared. Would I hurt you? You silly billy look at the gun, it's empty!"

For a moment, in my twisted, manipulated mind, I believed that he was right. I had judged him too harshly. There were no bullets in the gun, he was just teasing me after all...


طلع السكين وبلش يشء إيدو وهو عم يبتسم... نزل نقطة دم ... شوفي! قوليلي مين بيعمل هيك لحبيبتو؟ ...لحس إيدو

He took out a knife and cut his wrist till it bled, smiling... He said "look! Who do you know does this for the woman he loves" he then licked his hand

Promo video for "Hayda mish Film Masri"  (This is not an Egyptian Film) - 2014