TV series

As Asma in "Bint el Shahbandar" (Ramadan 2015)

As Jessy in "Mousalsal 7" (Ramadan 2015)

Director: Amer El Hamoud

Production: Rotana Khalijia

Writer: Ghazi El Qusaibi

Scriptwriter/ Adaptation by: Hozan Akko

Genre: Black Comedy

Language: Arabic

Starring: Fadi Ibrahim, Jenny Esper, Milad Youssef, Majdi Mashmoushi, Rashed el Shamrani, Mohamad al Touyan, Tayseer Idriss, Abdo Chahine, Jessy Abdo

Plot: A black comedy, adapted by the novel "7" by Ghazi El Qusaibi, following several mafia bosses and their obsession with revenge.

Character plot: Jessy, a spy,  is in love with her benefactor Rafeh (Majdi Mashmoushi). She is unable to have a relationship with him due to the fact that she carries AIDs. Nevertheless, she is intent on doing everything to protect him from his enemies.


As Carmen in "Abriaa w Laken" - Ordeal By Innocence (2015)

Director: Samir Habchi

Production: Marwa Group

Writer: Agatha Christie

Scriptwriter/ Adaptation by: Abd el Majid Haidar

Genre: Drama/ Thriller

Language: Arabic 

Starring: Darine Hamze, Nicolas Mouawad, Gabriel Yammine, Cynthia Khalife, Antoinette Akiki, Serena Chami, Atef el Alam

Plot line: In a disturbing household, a murder takes place. An Arabic adaptation of the Agatha Christie novels, "Ordeal by innocence" & "Appointment with Death"

Character plot line: Carmen, tormented by her harsh childhood, has to return to her adopted family as an old murder case is reopened in light of her adopted brother's suicide.


"Abriaa w Laken" -  Episode 1

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As Haneen in "Dawa'er Hob" - "Circles of Love" (2014)

Director: Eyad el Khuzouz

Scriptwriter: Mahmoud el Dusoki

Genre: Drama

Language: Arabic

Starring: Tara Emad, Dalida Khalil, Somoud el Kandari

Plot line: Entangled love stories take place between different social classes and groups in Abu Dhabi.

Character plot line: Haneen, a troubled young girl struggles to escape a past that haunts her and threatens new found happiness and love.


"Dawa'er Hob" series - Episode 

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As Young Ramona in "Kafa" - "Enough" (2014)

Director: Cesar Khalil

Production: Marwa Group

Scriptwriter: Tarek Soueid

Genre: Drama

Language: Arabic

Starring: Rita Hayek, Youssef Haddad

Plot line: True stories of women killed as a result of domestic violence.

Character plot line: Ramona is abandoned by her fiance once her family is ostracized by society.


"Kafa" series - Episode 1

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As Dolly in "Khtarab el Hay" - Neighborhood Breakdown (2014)

Director: Jessika Tahtouh

Production: Marwa Group

Scriptwriter: Carine Rizcallah

Genre: Social/ Comedy/ Romance/ Drama

Language: Arabic 

Starring: Joelle Dagher, Mazen Moadam

Plot line: A neighborhood is shaken up by a stranger who comes to live among them. Love, jealousy and revenge stir troubles in this peaceful community.

Character plot line: Dolly, a spoiled, misunderstood, mischievous, jealous girl, does nothing to help any situation.




Episode 1 - Season 1 of "Khtarab el Hay"

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Episode 1 - Season 2 of "Khtarab el Hay"

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