Height: 168 cm

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Green

Languages: Arabic, English, French

Hobbies: Painting/ Drawing, Sculpture, Horseback riding, Dance, Swimming

Biography (عربي)

Natasha Choufani is a Lebanese actress, based in Beirut. Born and raised in the UAE, she was raised in a multi-cultural society, exposing her to many different dialects and languages, which has helped open many doors to playing diverse characters in theater, film and TV at home and abroad.

An honors graduate of the Lebanese American University (LAU) with a BA in Communication Arts (2010), she had been taught by renowned Lebanese theater directors and actors, Lina Abyad and Nagy Souraty. Natasha later went on to develop her skills further in several drama workshops, while working as an extra on sets and taking part in independent short films.

In 2013 she landed a supporting role in the year-long Lebanese hit TV series “Khtarab el Hay” (Neighborhood Breakdown) as Dolly, a jealous, conceited, misunderstood girl who gets into trouble with the whole neighborhood. The role earned her a Murex D'or nomination as "Best Upcoming Actress" in 2015 and opened doors to playing many other various characters, such as Haneen, a troubled drug-addict who attempts to take her own life when faced with the controversies of her society in the pan-arab series “Dawa’er Hob” (Circles of Love), and tormented Carmen in “Abriaa w Laken”; an Arabic adaptation of the Agatha Christie novels, “Ordeal by Innocence” and “Appointment with Death”. She took part in several series in Ramadan, including “Bint el Shahbandar”, "Noss Yom" (Half a Day), "Ward Joury" (Joury's Rose), "Bilahza" (In a Moment).

In 2016, she starred in the leading role alongside renowned Lebanese director and actor Georges Khabbaz in his play "Ma' el Waqt... Yimkin" (With Time... Perhaps), where she performed for 6 months at the Chateau Trianon Theater in Beirut.

She took part of the series “Kafa” (Enough), written by Tarek Soueid, depicting true stories of women who had been killed as a result of domestic violence, and a play “Hayda Mish Film Masri” (This is not an Egyptian Film). Written by the cast, who brought together true stories and statements of survivors of physical, emotional and sexual abuse, the play had provoked its audiences deeply and is often referred to at events related to women rights.

In 2017, she collaborated with "The Kip Project" and The Lebanese Ministry of Women Affairs in a national campaign called "#Mesh_Basita" (translates to "It's not OK/I am not a fool") against sexual harassment. The campaign received much coverage in the press, after the video ad went viral and provoked strong reactions on social media.

Natasha is also an artist; a painter and sculptor. She writes in her spare time, and is currently working on her first poetry book.


- Murex D'Or Nomination for Best Upcoming Actress in 2015 - As Dolly in Khtarab el Hay