is a Lebanese actress. Born and raised in the cosmopolitan society of the UAE, she could learn to shape her ability to adapt to a variety of characters and dialects in film, TV & theater. Her most recent roles include Nizam, the famous muse of Ibn Arabi, a Sufi Muslim philosopher and poet in "Maqamat al Ishq" which she performed in classical Arabic, and Lara, the borderline, troubled orphan married to a wealthy feudal family in "Ma Fiyi".

An honors graduate of the Lebanese American University (LAU) with a BA in Communication Arts (2010), Natasha had developed her skills further in several drama workshops, while working as an extra on sets and taking part in independent projects. In 2013 she landed a supporting role in the year-long Lebanese hit TV series Khtarab El Hay: Neighborhood Breakdown (2014) as Dolly, a jealous, conceited, misunderstood girl constantly causing trouble in her neighborhood. The role earned her a Murex D'or nomination as "Best Upcoming Actress" in 2015 and opened doors to Lebanese and Pan-Arab projects. In 2016, she starred in the leading role alongside renowned Lebanese director and actor Georges Khabbaz in his play "Ma' el Waqt... Yimkin" (With Time... Perhaps), where she performed for 6 months in the Chateau Trianon Theater in Beirut. Her first feature film "Mafkoud" had won an award for Best Directorial Debut at the Alexandria Film Festival in 2020.